Sweet Peas   Jelly Beans
Sweet Peas   Jelly Beans
12 Months - 2 1/2 Years   2 1/2 Years - 3 Years
Jumping Jacks   Young Explorers
Jumping Jacks   Young Explorers
3 Years - 4 Years   4 Years - 6 Years

Sweet Peas

(Children age 12 Months - 2 1/2 Years)

The Sweet Peas room is designed for your young toddler to grow and develop strong bonds with a nurturing staff-child ratio of 1 to 4. Each child has a primary caregiver that interacts with him or her throughout the day, coordinates meals, diaper changes, snacks, daily nap, and outdoor play. Each staff member is a responsive, caring adult who keeps parents informed of his or her child’s daily activities and progress.

Jelly Bean Room

(Children age 2 1/2 Years - 3 Years)

Children in the Jelly Bean room experience a consistent, secure, nurturing environment. Staff members encourage children to use their newly acquired skills in every area of their development. The room is set up to provide space for each child’s special interests and has clearly marked areas with a variety of materials for the children to use. Items are available on open shelves or bins to allow each child to make his or her own choices during “work time” (High/Scope’s name for free playtime).

Jumping Jack Room

(Children age 3 Years - 4 Years)

Children in the Jumping Jack room experience a predictable routine to promote a sense of security and stability. Our individualized curriculum encourages each child to think, reason, and experiment at his or her own pace. Life skills of choosing, learning, and exploring are strengthened. Our teachers provide a foundation that encourages independence, creative expression, appreciation for the arts and respect for diversity.

Young Explorer Room

(Children age 4 Years - 6 Years)

The Young Explorer room offers a flexible program, giving children who are in half-day kindergarten programs an option to attend Whistle Stop in addition to a regular full day program. Children in the Young Explorer room have the opportunity to choose activities that interest, enrich, and challenge them in the areas of science, math, drama, arts and crafts, music, computers and literature. The goal of the Young Explorer room is to promote kindergarten readiness and establish a good foundation for the children to build upon in the future.

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